Orders of Protection

Orders of protection, commonly known as “restraining orders”, are intended to protect victims of abuse, stalking, or harassment by requiring perpetrators to stay a certain distance away for a specified period of time.  Such orders are primarily used by victims of domestic violence, however, are also used in a variety of other circumstances, including in relation to a child.  These processes often carry very serious consequences.  The extremely complex nature of these cases bring with them a variety of questions including:

  • What constitutes stalking?
  • How long do I have to wait before filing an order of protection?
  • What should I do if someone has alleged I have done something to them or their child?
  • How can I alert the proper authorities of a case of neglect/abuse to my child?
  • How long does an order of protection take effect?
  • What happens if the violator breaks the rules of an order of protection?

If you have an order of protection case, it is not a process that you should navigate on your own.  It is essential that you contact the Aranda Law Firm at the very earliest stages of this process so that we can provide you with the knowledge needed to end the process as soon as possible.