Child Support Collections

Children should not suffer financial hardship because their parents break up.  Missouri law requires parents without primary physical responsibility to send child support payments so they contribute to their children’s needs.  Once a child support order is entered with the Court, parents often rely on the Family Support Division to help them in the collection of financial child support. Sometime the Family Support Division is able to help these parents, however, sometimes they are not.  Just because a noncustodial parent has been ordered by the Court to pay child support it doesn’t necessarily mean they actually will.  Sometimes it’s necessary for the custodial parent to take further action in order to get paid on time.

We have experience in tracking down assets that can be used to satisfy a child support arrearage that might otherwise go unpaid.

Clients often have a variety of questions involving child support collections, including:

  • How can I get the non-custodial parent’s wages garnished to fulfill the financial responsibility?
  • What is an appropriate length of time to go without receiving support before I pursue collection?
  • If I lost my job, can I be relieved of my child support obligations?
  • What happens if I am unable to pay my child support?
  • Does the Court’s enforcement of child support still apply if the other parent out of state?
  • I want joint custody of my child. Will this affect my child support obligations?